The Scotiabank Saddledome concourse provides an array of food and beverage choices for many events. From classic concessions fare including popcorn and nachos to speciality items and craft beer, premium takes on traditional food, dietary options including vegetarian, gluten-friendly, and well-known chain food vendors.

Our Vendors

  • Fireball Whisky

    Fireball Whisky Bar

    Features Fireball Whisky.

    SECTION 227

  • caesarville


    Features Caesars.

  • whisky bar

    Whisky Bar

    Features whisky and gin.

    section 223

  • Wine Bar

    Wine Bar

    Features red and white wine.

    section 207

  • Rum Hut

    Rum Hut

    Features rum-based beverages.

    SECTION 210

  • Centre Ice

    Center Ice

    Features popcorn.

    Section 212, 226

  • Popcorn Stand

    Popcorn Stands

    Features popcorn.

    section 201, 208, 215, 222

  • Market 213

    Market 213

    Features pop and snacks.

    Section 213

  • Tacos and Tequila

    Tacos and Tequila

    Features tacos.

    Section 201

  • Rotisserie


    Features rotisserie meals.

    Section 218

  • Veggie With It

    Getting Veggie With It

    Features Vegan food.

    Section 227

  • Ignited Test Kitchen

    Ignited Test Kitchen

    Features unique monthly concept culinary meals.

    Section 227

  • Burgers and Brew

    Burgers and Brew

    Features burgers and beer.

    Section 215, 227

  • Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons

    Features your favourite item from Tim’s.

    Section 213

  • Mezzanine Stands

    Mezzanine Stands

    Features pizza.

    Section 216, 222

  • Time Out

    Time Out Stands

    Features pizza.

    Section 116, 201, 208, 216, 222

  • Pizza 73

    Pizza 73

    Features pizza.

    Section 213, 226

  • Banded Peak

    Banded Peak Craft Nacho Stand

    Features craft beer and nachos.

    SECTION 213

  • Pocket Dawg

    Pocket Dawg

    Features hot dogs.

    Section 214, 222

  • Bags of popcorn with one on it's side, popcorn spilling out of the bag

    2 Tower Concession Stands

    Features ice cream and malt from Foothills Creamery and pizza from Pizza 73.

    Section 301, 310

  • Time Out Express

    Time Out Express

    Features ice cream and malt from Foothills Creamery

    Section 205


    Foothills Creamery

    Features malt ice cream and churros.

    Sections 210, 213, 224, 227

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