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Located on the Terrace Level, East side, the Saddleroom Grill offers a full service menu prior to Saddledome events with great views of the surrounding area on one side, and the ice surface on the other.

The Saddleroom Grill is accessible via the East side elevator, located in The Club lobby.

The Saddleroom Grill employs a guest-centric philosophy. From locally sourcing our beef, to close partnerships with great wineries, to a passionate service team building the excitement before all events in the Saddledome. Located on the Terrace Level, East side, with great views of the Elbow river, and ice surface on the other – we offer a unique dining experience only moments away from your event seats. Whether it’s a client dinner before the game, drinks and appetizers with your friends, or a date night with that special somebody, make the Saddleroom Grill your new pre-game destination. Reservations recommended at 403-777-3694!


  • Fine dining from the à la carte menu with exquisite culinary creations
  • Private access to exclusive lounges and bars
  • HDTV screens with satellite TV access
  • Inside the Saddleroom Grill restaurant, tables are set with cutting boards, place mats, cutlery, plates and glasses
  • Inside the Saddleroom grill restaurant with people waiting for a table on the left and set dinner tables in the center and to the right
  • A restaurant with large windows has tables set with glasses, cutlery and napkins
Sept 28 – Saddleroom Grill Menu
Oct 3 – Saddleroom Grill Menu
Oct 7 – Saddleroom Grill Menu
Michael Buble – Saddleroom Grill Menu

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