Public Concourse 3,871 m² (41,677 sq. feet)
Arena Area NHL 1,577 m² (17,000 sq. feet)
Olympic 1,858 m² (20,000 sq. feet)
Backstage Event Office 4m x 11m (13 ft. x 36 ft.)
Backstage Lounge 1 3.5m x 3.5m (12 ft. x 12 ft.)
Backstage Lounge 2 6m x 7m (20 ft. x 23 ft.)
Dressing Room 1 3m x 3m (10 ft. x 10 ft.)
Dressing Room 2 3m x 8m (10 ft. x 26 ft.)
Dressing Room 3 9m x 4m (30 ft. x 14 ft.)
Visitor’s Dressing Room 7m x 11m (23 ft. x 36 ft.)
Dutton’s Lounge 65′ x 69′ (4,485 sq. feet)
Club Dining Room 140′ x 43′ (6,020 sq. feet)
Club Lounge 23′ x 107′ (2,461 sq. feet)
Boardroom 28′ x 26′ (728 sq. feet)
Conference Room 1 25′ x 27′ (675 sq. feet)
Conference Room 2 18′ x 25′ (450 sq. feet)
Conference (1 and 2 combined) 45′ x 25′ (1,125 sq. feet)
Event Floor
Interior Clearance
Building Height 89 ft.
Under Energy Board 32ft.
Event Floor Hallway 10ft.
Maximum Dimension
240′ x 125′ (30,000 sq. feet)
Loading Docks
The Saddledome has exceptional loading capacity. Our stage and arena floor loading area measures 6.4m x 7m (21 ft. x 23 ft.)

Saddledome lighting is a combination of metal halide and incandescent lighting, with a maximum of 2,750 lux (275 foot candles) on the event floor.

Metal Halide

The metal halide lights are controlled and focused for even lighting in five levels. There are 168, 1,000 watt Musco shutter-controlled sport lights located under the press boxes and on a catwalk grid.


Used for instant ‘on’ lighting. Focused for even lighting over the floor area in 4 quadrants.


More than 40 spotlight positions are available. The Saddledome is equipped with 6 Lycian 1293XLT 3K Xenon spotlights. Additional spotlights are available through local suppliers and can be arranged by the Saddledome.

Saddledome sound quality is excellent. Over 6,400 roof panels, coupled with the superb acoustical engineering inherent with the buildings shape, eliminate reverberation- allowing the highs and lows to clearly radiate to all areas of the event area.

The Saddledome rigging grid is capable of accommodating virtually any event set up. The grid structure will support 36,364 kilograms (60,000 pounds) applied to the centre stage- exclusive of the existing Energy Board, speakers cluster, catwalk and lighting platforms.

Additional access to the public concourse includes an outside ramp and coil-up door measuring 2.5m x 6m (8.4 ft. x 20 ft.)

Event Freight Elevator
Operates between the event floor level and the public concourse.

Dimensions 2.1m x 2.4m (7ft. x 8 ft.)
Load Capacity 3,628 kilograms (8,000 lbs)
Passenger Elevators 3
1@ 31 person capacity
2,300 kilograms (5,060 pounds) load capacity
2@ 12 person capacity
1,134 kilograms (2,500 pounds) load capacity

Most equipment needs can be handled through the Saddledome’s inventory of forklifts, pallet lifts, ladders, hand trucks, dollies, high lifts, battery-powered pallet jacks and golf carts. Additional equipment is available upon request.

Show power hook-ups are done by qualified Saddledome staff.

East End 3 phase, 1660 amps, located 15.24 metres (50 feet) from stage
Centre South 3 phase, 5-wire, 400 amps, located 27.43 metres (90 feet) from east end
West End 3 phase, 400 amps, located at the SouthWest corner
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